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Connection has been established between Paraguay and Spain for 49 years

Why Should I Invest?

How do I start a business in Türkiye or Paraguay?

The process includes registering the business, understanding local regulations, and accessing financial resources. The Chamber provides detailed guidance and support regarding these processes in both countries.

Why should you consider doing business in Türkiye and Paraguay?

Türkiye offers a strategic location, a diverse economy and favorable investments incentives. Paraguay has a rapidly growing economy, a competitive tax regime and access to the Mercosur market. We offer unique opportunities for global businesses in both countries.

What are the key sectors for investment in Türkiye and Paraguay?

Key sectors in Turkey include technology, renewable energy and tourism. Agriculture, hydroelectric power and manufacturing are rapidly growing sectors in Paraguay.


How can the Chamber help with these regional issues? We offer a range of services including market intelligence, business matching and legal and regulatory guidance. and cultural and linguistic support. Our aim is to make your business travels in Türkiye and Paraguay easier.

Are there incentives for foreign investors in Türkiye and Paraguay?

Yes, both countries offer various incentives. Turkey has special economic zones and government policies. Suitable for foreign investment, Paraguay offers a competitive tax regime and an advantageous investment offer. policies.